Frequently Asked Questions about the Garden Waste Service

Frequently asked questions on the Garden Waste Service in Haringey


How do I renew my service?

Please visit the dedicated web portal: where you can renew your service and also request additional bins or bags if you feel you need to increase your capacity.  You can also renew by calling the Veolia Contact Centre on 020 8885 7700 .

You can now pay by Direct Debit online, saving you time and the hassle of having to renew in future years.


When is the renewed service valid from?

Each service year commences on 1st April through to 31st March. To ensure you get a full year of collections, please renew your service prior to 1st April. There is no discount available if you sign up later in the year.


How will the crews know I have renewed my service?

Everyone who renews - and all new subscribers from the January of each year onwards - will be issued with a sticker that must be affixed to the back of the bin, just below the handle. This will let the collection crews know that your service has been paid for. A different coloured sticker is provided each year. Please note it can take up to 10 working days for your sticker to arrive.


I am currently using Bio Bags but wish to change to a Bin - is this possible?

If you have enough space to house a bin within your property boundary then we would encourage you to do this. Please visit the web portal and select the appropriate option, or contact the Veolia Contact Centre who will arrange this for you. Please see the section How do I renew my service? for further details.


I currently have a Bin but wish to change to Bio Bags - is this possible?

We recommend using a bin if you have adequate space as it is the best way to contain your garden waste. If you wish to change to a Bio Bags service this is possible.  Please visit the web portal and select the appropriate option, or contact the Veolia Contact Centre who will arrange this for you. Please see the section How do I renew my service? for further details. We will then arrange for your bin to be removed from your property. 


I have lost my bin sticker/my sticker hasn't arrived

Please contact the Veolia Contact Centre on 020 8885 7700 or [email protected] and we will arrange for a replacement sticker to be issued to you. Please note it can take up to 10 days for your sticker to arrive.


What if I don't renew before 1st April?

You can renew at any point in the year. To get a full year of collections you must renew before 1st April. There are no concessions or discounts for renewing later in the year. If you do not renew the service by the end of April  we will assume that you no longer wish to receive the service. If this is not the case contact us.  If we don’t hear from you we may remove your bin. If we remove your bin and you decide later in the year that you wish to recommence the service you will be able to do this.




When can I sign up?
Sign up now online at or by calling 020 8885 7700 Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm. We will deliver your bin or sacks within five working days - however at peak times this may rise to 10 working days - and you can start using it as soon as it arrives. 

If you are ordering a bin you can pay by Direct Debit online, saving you time and the hassle of having to renew in future years.

If you do not wish to sign up for a garden waste bin or biodegradable sacks, you can take your garden waste to the Reuse & Recycling Centre at Western Road in Wood Green. For alternative North London centres visit:
How long does the service last for?
This is an annual subscription that runs from 1st April to 31st March each year. You will need to sign up by 1st April each year to get your full 12-month subscription. If you sign up from 1st January and before April, your service will start immediately at no extra charge. If you sign up later in the year you will still have to pay for the full year - there are no discounts or concessions available.
How does the renewal process work?
You will be contacted by either post or email up to three times between January and March each year to remind you that your annual subscription is due to end and you will be provided with instructions on how to renew or cancel your subscription. If you choose to renew, you will be provided with a colour-coded tag to affix to your bin, which will inform our crews that you have resubscribed to the service and that they should continue to collect your garden waste.
How much does it cost?
The service costs £80 per bin per year for a 240 litre brown wheeled bin (the same size as a standard general waste or recycling bin), which equates to £1.54 a week. The £80 needs to be paid when you sign up and covers the year running from 1st April to 31st March. A smaller bin or supply of 60 biodegradable sacks are also available for £60 per year (equivalent to £1.15 a week), however please ensure you have the correct capacity for your requirements.
Can I buy more than one bin or more sacks?
Yes you can buy as many bins or sacks as you like, depending on the available space at your property. Bins or sacks need to be easily accessible by the crew and must not block the public highway. However please note that this service is not for use by Commercial premises.

How frequent will the collections be?
The collections will be made weekly, throughout the whole year.
Will my collection day change?
We expect your collection day to stay the same. If we need to change it we will give you good notice.
What size is the bin?
We think you will get the best service from a 240 litre bin however we recognise that this won’t suit everyone, particularly if your space to keep a bin is limited. For this reason, we also offer a 140 litre bin or a sack collection service.  You will not be able to place any additional waste beside your bin or with your sacks, and bins or sacks must not be placed on the public highway, so please ensure you have the correct size for your requirements. The charge for a 240 litre bin is £80 per year and for a 140 litre bin or the sack service it is £60 per year.

If you can fit a bin at your property we would recommend this as you will find it is the most practical way of disposing of your green garden waste.
How does the biodegradable sack service work?
If you feel you do not have space for a bin, biodegradable sacks are available. However, where possible, we recommend using a bin as this is the easiest and most efficient way of storing ring green garden waste. The sacks will be composted along with your waste. We will give you a supply of four rolls with 15 sacks to a roll.  The charge for a sack service is £60 per year. You will need to renew your service each year even if you still have sacks remaining from the previous year.

How many sacks can I place out for collection?
You can place out as many sacks as you wish on your collection. However please note that if you run out of sacks you will need to purchase another set of 60 sacks for £60. You can purchase more sacks by emailing [email protected] or calling the Veolia Contact Centre on 020 8885 7700 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm).
How can I pay for this service?
We accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express.
I don’t have a credit/debit card, how else can I make payment?
You can pay by cheque. Please make a cheque payable to Veolia and send it into the Veolia Contact Centre, Watermead Way Depot, Watermead Way, London N17 0FJ.  Please note that your bin will be delivered up to 10 working days after the cheque has been cleared.
Can I set up a Direct Debit?
Yes we are now able to accept payments online via Direct Debit. Please note this service is only available online, not via the Veolia Contact Centre. Please also note that currently this service is only available for Bins customers, not Sacks customers.
How soon will I receive my bin or sacks?
We will endeavour to deliver your bin or sacks within five working days, though this may rise to 10 working days during peak times. If you have ordered a bin, please ensure you have enough space within your property boundary for it to be safely delivered. We will not leave a bin on the public highway. If there is no room within your property boundary to leave your bin it will not be delivered to you and we will contact you again to discuss alternative options, such as the sacks service.
What can go in my bin?
You can put the following items into your brown garden waste bin:
Leaves and prunings
Small branches (diameter no thicker than 2cm)
Flowers and plants
Grass cuttings
Hedge clippings
Most weeds (except Japanese Knotweed and noxious weeds)
What cannot go in my bin?
Please do not put any of the following items into your brown garden waste bin:
Soil or turf
Large branches (diameter thicker than 2cm)
Plastic flower pots and trays
Sharp objects (if on sacks service)
Food Waste
Japanese Knotweed or noxious weeds
Animal bedding
Pet faeces
Other recyclable materials
General waste
Can I leave additional waste next to my bin?
No please do not leave any waste next to your bin as it will not be collected. Your bin lid should also be able to be closed. If you are regularly generating more garden waste than you have capacity for you may wish to consider purchasing another bin or more sacks.
What if my bin gets lost, damaged or stolen?
There is a charge of £30 to have your bin replaced.
What if your crew have lost/damaged my bin – will you replace it?
The collection crew will report any instances of bins being damaged or falling into the waste truck. We will then replace your lost or damaged bin free of charge within five working days.
I have steps leading up to my property, can I still receive a bin?
You will only be able to receive a bin if you can place it out for collection at the bottom of your steps, as our crews are unable to collect bins if they have to take them up and down any steps due to Health & Safety regulations. We can send an Outreach Officer to assess your property and determine how your collection can be made.
Can I spray/sticker/paint my door number on my bin?
Yes you can personalise your bin in this way in order for it to be identifiable to your address.
What happens if I decide not to renew my bin?
If you choose not to renew your subscription your bin will be removed from your property. If you change your mind at a later date and wish to reinstate the service please contact us to arrange. Please note that if you have paid for your service via Direct Debit it is your responsibility to cancel it to avoid future charges.
If I pay for the service then change my mind, can I get a refund?
You can choose to cancel the service within 14 days and get a full refund.
If I realise I need extra or less capacity once my service has commenced, how I can arrange this?
Please contact us and we can arrange this for you. Additional bins or sacks will incur another charge, however we cannot give refunds on bins or sacks that are no longer wanted (unless it is within the 14 days cooling off period).
Why is there now a charge for this service?
The Council has significant savings targets to meet. Rather than withdrawing collections, they are following the example of many local authorities by offering the green garden waste service for a charge. By handling waste differently, they will be able to make vital savings while still providing a good service. This means more of the Council’s remaining resources can go into other essential areas, such as adult social care, libraries and children’s services.
What do I do with my old hessian sack?
You can place your sack in your general waste bin for the collection crew to take away or you are welcome to keep it to use for your own requirements, such as for storage or for transporting green waste from your garden to deposit in your new bin. However, you can no longer put it out containing waste for collection.
Can I share my bin with my neighbour?
Yes this is possible, however the bin(s) or sacks need to be kept on the premises of the property that has paid for the bin(s) or sacks, as otherwise the crew will not be able to collect them. We will only be able to deal with the person paying the bill.
Do I need to present my green waste for collection every week?
No you can present your green waste for collection on your assigned day as frequently or infrequently as desired, however the annual cost of the service is the same.
Can I just book a Special Collection for my garden waste instead of buying a bin?
Yes you can book a Special Collection at the rate of £20 for up to four items and £10 per item thereafter. Five standard sized bags, that are able to be tied and lifted without splitting, constitute one item. Therefore you can place out up to 20 bags for collection for £20. Each bag must be able to be tied at the top and lifted without splitting. Please click here for information on Special Collections.  However, please note that you will have to pay this charge every time you want your garden waste collected and by choosing this option the waste will unfortunately not be able to be composted.
Can I take my bin with me if I move within the borough?
No the garden waste bin must remain at the property. If moving house within the borough the subscription can be transferred. Please call us on 020 8885 7700 to discuss.
Is there a weight limit for the amount of waste I can place in my bin?
Yes the weight of your bin must not exceed 50kg. Please do not overload your bins or sacks as if they are deemed too heavy they will not be collected. Please refer to the list of items that can and cannot be placed in your bin or sacks. If you are still regularly producing too much waste you may wish to consider purchasing additional bins or more sacks.
Where should I present my garden waste bin and/or sacks for collection?
Please present your bin or sacks as close to the edge of your property (by the gate) as is safely practical, i.e. the nearest point to the collection vehicle. However you must not leave bins or sacks on the public highway - they must remain within your property boundary.