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Veolia Haringey recycling collection

Information on Recycling, Food Waste, Garden Waste and Large & Electrical Items collections in Haringey

Recycling in Haringey is really easy!  There's so much of your waste that can be recycled so you don't have to worry about your non-recyclable waste bin getting too full too quickly.  Everyone's doing it too, so please lend a hand to the environment and join your neighbours in doing your bit to make Haringey a cleaner, greener place for us all to enjoy.

In Haringey, whether you live in a house or in a block of flats, the main items that can be recycled all get collected in the same bin - it couldn't be easier! These items are as follows:

- Paper (no tissues!)

- Card

- Plastic Bottles

- Plastic Tubs, Pots and Trays

- Glass Bottles and Jars

- Food & Drink Tins and Cans

- Tetra Paks

- Aluminium Foil

- Empty Aerosols (except the lids)

So long as any containers (e.g. bottles, jars, tubs, cans etc) are clean and empty, and so long as paper and card isn't food-stained, they can go in your recycling bin. Please do not place any recycling in black sacks.

There are many different ways that all Haringey residents can recycle in the borough.  Please note that if you live in a kerbside property (i.e. not on an Estate or in a flat above a shop) and are on a Sacks service for recycling instead of using a wheeled bin, you can request more sacks whenever you need them by contacting the Veolia Contact Centre on 020 8885 7700 or emailing [email protected].

If you live in a flat above a shop and do not have access to a bin to contain your waste, you can obtain green recycling sacks from your local library. You just need to provide proof of your address. Please ensure your recycling and non-recyclable waste sacks are placed out in your designated collection points only at the times stated on the on-street posters.

To download a copy of the Service Guide for either Kerbside or Estates residents please click on one of the links here:

Kerbside residents: you can access your specific Service Guide & Calendar showing your entire year's collection schedule by clicking HERE

Please see the information below or click HERE to find out further information about recycling services, including items that cannot go in your recycling bin but can be recycled in other ways.

Find out when your recycling collection takes place from your property here



Please see here a Poster you can download and print out to place in communal areas advising residents of what can go in the Recycling and Food Waste bins.


Bank Holiday Collections

There are no waste or recycling collections to households or flats on Bank Holiday Mondays or Fridays. Your collection will take place one day later than usual. If the Bank Holiday falls on a Monday, then collections for the whole week will take place between Tuesday and Saturday. If the Bank Holiday falls on a Friday then only Friday collections will be affected and these will take place on the Saturday.


Garden Waste

We operate an opt-in chargeable green garden waste service on behalf of Haringey Council.

In 2024, for the first time since the charges were introduced, the fee for the weekly service has increased by £5.

For £80 a year - that's £1.54 a week - you will get your own wheeled bin for garden waste, with weekly collections. If you feel you do not have space for a standard sized 240 litre bin then a smaller 140 litre bin or a supply of biodegradable sacks equivalent in capacity to a 140 litre bin are available for £60 a year. However, where possible, we recommend using a bin as this is the easiest and most efficient way of storing green garden waste. 

The old hessian sack collections ceased in October 2017. If you do not sign up to the opt-in service, your garden waste will not be collected.  The service year ends on 31st March every year. To ensure you receive a full year of collections please sign up by 1st April each year.

Sign Up
Sign up online now by visiting: 
https://wastecollections.haringey.gov.uk/Bins will be 240 litre (the same size as normal household waste bins) but if you think your garden is too small for a standard size bin we offer either a smaller 140 litre bin or a supply of biodegradable sacks equivalent in capacity to a 140 litre bin. You will not be able to place any additional waste beside your bin, so please ensure you have the correct capacity for your requirements. If you choose sacks, they will be composted along with your waste.

You can now pay for your bins (not sacks) online via Direct Debit, saving you the hassle of having to renew your subscription every year.

Click here for other ways to dispose of your garden waste.


Bulky Household Items

It costs £20 to collect up to four large/bulky items, such as furniture or white goods, from your home. Additional items will be charged at £10 per item, up to a maximum of 10 items per collection.

All collections are booked through the Veolia Contact Centre or via the new website for waste and recycling services:
Tel: 020 8885 7700
Web: https://wastecollections.haringey.gov.uk/

Items we will collect:
Furniture/General Items
Bathroom storage
Beds, bed frames, cots and headboards
Bedside cabinets
Cabinets and shoe cabinets
Carpets and rugs contained within a tied bag (max 80 litres)
Chairs and armchairs
Chest of drawers
Clothes rails
Coffee tables
Doors (no fire doors or metal doors)
Dressing tables
Garden tables and other garden furniture
Home office desk

Kids Toys
Sofas and sofa beds (please dismantle sofa beds)
Storage furniture

TV stands and media units
Wardrobes (dismantled)
Up to five tied bin bags
White Goods/Electrical Items (standard household appliances only)
Computers/PCs and hard drives
Computer monitors
Cookers and cooking hobs
Electronic musical instruments
Hi-Fis/stereo systems
Laptop computers

Tumble driers
Washing machines/dryers
Exclusions and conditions
As a general rule, anything that you might take with you when moving home can be collected. We make every effort to reuse or recycle as many items as possible.
We cannot collect:
-Rubble and soil
-Masonry and tiles
-Construction waste, e.g. bricks, stonework, cement, paint, plasterboard
-Waste from house renovations, e.g. bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings/worktops, kitchen units, fireplace surrounds
-Garden sheds and trellis
-Carpets and rugs that are not contained within a tied bag
-Gas bottles and cylinders
-Car batteries
-Tree trunks and thick branches
-Pianos (unless broken up)
The service can be provided only to those homes that have a front garden area or a communal area where large and bulky items can be placed out of harm’s way. If you live in a block of flats, place your items in your bulk store area if you have one, or where you would place your rubbish for collection. 

We cannot accept any hazardous waste, such as chemicals or asbestos. For more information on the safe disposal of these materials, please visit Haringey Council's hazardous waste page.

You can also find out ways to dispose of your small or large waste electrical items by visiting the Recycle Your Electricals website: https://www.recycleyourelectricals.org.uk/


Small Electrical Items

Kerbside Collection Service

Residents in low-rise properties (not including blocks of flats or flats above shops) can now easily book a home collection of their small electrical items online. This hassle-free service allows individuals to dispose of their unwanted electronics responsibly, right from their doorstep. Book your collections online using our waste collection site.

Once you book your collection, put your small electricals in a bag or box and leave those outside your front door on the morning of your scheduled collection.

Residential Estate Bring Banks

Additionally, residents living across four 'blocks of flats' estates (as per listed addresses below) will have access to Bring Banks specifically designed for small electrical recycling. These Bring Banks provide a convenient drop-off point for residents to recycle their electronic devices.

Bring Bank locations are:

  • Junction of Partridge Way and Trinity Road, Wood Green, N22
  • Rothbury Walk (car park on Waverley Road), Northumberland Park, N17
  • Junction of Reedham Close and Jarrow Road, Tottenham Hale, N17
  • Outside the Community Centre, Broadwater Farm, Adams Road, N17

If you don't live near a Bring Bank, you can also use the following locations to recycle your electricals:

  • Finsbury Park entrance, Endymion Road, N4
  • Cranley Gardens, N10
  • 58 Colney Hatch Lane, N10
  • Haringey Recycling Centre, Western Road, N22

Food Waste

Veolia and Haringey Council offer all residents the opportunity to recycle their food waste (with the current exception of those living in flats above shops).  Food waste can take up a lot of room in a non-recyclable waste bin, so by disposing of it separately it frees up space for rubbish that cannot be recycled and helps prevent overflowing non-recyclable waste bins, as well as being beneficial to the environment as the food waste gets turned into compost. Please NEVER place food waste in your recycling bin.

Food Waste is collected weekly, while non-recyclable waste is collected fortnightly, so using the service is a great way to keep smells to a minimum.

We provide residents with kerbside properties with a small internal food waste caddy and a larger external food waste bin free of charge. Both are lockable to keep out foxes, insects and other vermin. We provide kitchen caddies and communal food waste bins for residents in high rise properties.

You can collect compostable liners for your kitchen caddy from your local library free of charge. You can also buy compostable bags or use newspaper to wrap your food waste in - please do not use plastic bags as these cannot be accepted by the facility that processes the food waste.

Simply collect your food waste in your kitchen caddy, then transfer the contents to your outside larger bin ready for collection. By using the compostable liners it keeps the food waste contained and your caddy and bin cleaner and less smelly. Tie your liners at the top once used to prevent spillages.

You can dispose of the following items in your food waste caddy/bin:
- Meat, Fish & Bones
- Eggs & Dairy Products
- Bread, Pasta & Rice
- Fruit & Vegetables
- Tea Bags & Coffee Grounds
- Plate Scrapings

Please contact the Veolia Contact Centre to request being added to the food waste collection service:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8885 7700


Book Bins

There are five on-street Book Bins located around the borough in Haringey.  Residents can deposit their unwanted books in these bins, which we collect and then pass on to the charity Better World Books who sell them to raise funds, or recycle any that are unable to be sold on.

The Book Bins are located at:

Town Hall Approach Road N15

Tottenham Lane N8 - Junction with Rokesly Avenue

Park Road N8 - Junction with Cranley Gardens

Colney Hatch Lane N10 - Junction with Alexandra Park Road

North Hill N6 - Outside Hillcrest Estate


Reuse & Recycling Centre

UPDATE: Removal of booking system for visits by car, bicycle or on foot

From Monday 7 November 2022, you no longer need to book in advance to visit Western Road Reuse and Recycling Centre. You can simply arrive at the site during opening hours. Read more about this decision on the North London Waste Authority website.


The Western Road Reuse & Recycling Centre in Wood Green N22 6UG is open every day throughout the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday. The opening hours are 9am - 4pm.

A wide range of reusable, recyclable, large and general household items can be taken to the Centre. Please click HERE for a full list of accepted items.

For a list of other North London Reuse & Recycling Centres you can use for free, please click HERE.

Please see here Frequently Asked Questions about the Bulky Items Collection Service.
Frequently Asked Questions about the garden waste service