Veolia helps Haringey Council towards achieving its net zero emissions targets

Haringey Council and its environmental partner Veolia are working towards a zero-carbon future by gradually decarbonising its collections and streets fleet. Veolia will remove at least 800 tonnes of carbon emissions from its operations per year contributing to better air quality in Haringey.

Veolia aims to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation, initiating zero carbon innovations across its operations. In Haringey it has recently trialled an electric refuse collection vehicle, as well as an e-bike to make bag collections, and three fully electric vans for various duties across the borough.

The Veolia Watermead Way Depot in Tottenham has several electric charging points within its site and there are also public charging points just outside which can also be used by residents to charge their own vehicles. By popularising e-vehicles, Veolia hopes to enhance the ‘green’  community spirit in Haringey and become a driving force to fight climate change on a local level.

This initiative is only one of the Council’s ambitious goals on their net-zero journey, outlined in the Haringey Manifesto. After declaring a climate emergency in 2019, Haringey Council has worked hard to build a fairer and greener borough and Veolia is proud to support them on their journey.

Paul Peters, Senior Contracts Manager for Veolia Haringey, said: "It is important for us to explore different ways of reducing the impact of our operations on the local Haringey environment. Trialling and testing these vehicles plays a vital role in helping us determine the most efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering sustainable services to Haringey residents on behalf of Haringey Council."

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