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Refuse/general waste collection in Haringey includes the collection of wheelie bins, bags and communal bins according to property type.

Veolia is committed to providing residents with a reliable and effective refuse/general waste collection service. Our performance is constantly measured and we aim for continuous improvements in our service.

Since 2012, all kerbside properties receive a fortnightly collection of refuse/general waste. Recycling, food waste and garden waste (if subscribed) are collected weekly.

Please note that if your collection is missed you have to report it within four working days of your scheduled collection day.

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Once the refuse/general waste is collected it is taken to the Edmonton Eco-Park Energy from Waste Facility, which is overseen by the North London Waste Authority. 

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Day/Week Change for Some Properties

From Monday 5th October 2020, the scheduled day and/or week that refuse/general waste collections are made will be changing for approximately 9,600 properties across Haringey. Those who are affected by this change will have received a letter detailing their new collection arrangements. All bins will continue to be collected on the same day as each other.

Please bear with us as our crews familiarise themselves with their new routes. We are working hard to tackle any issues that arise.

You can download your Collection Calendar from HERE.

Please see here Frequently Asked Questions about this service change:

Why is my collection day changing?

We are changing some of the routes our waste collection teams follow across the borough to ensure the service runs more efficiently.

When do the changes take place?

From Monday 5th October 2020.

Will all my bins still be collected on the same day?

Yes. Even if your collection day is changing, all your bins will still be collected on the same day. Some bins may though be collected at different times (EG: One vehicle may collect your green/green-lidded recycling bin, while another collects your food waste).

Are blocks of flats/estates affected by these changes?

Most flats and estates will not see any change in collection days whatsoever. A few smaller blocks will however be having their collection day changed and residents of those affected properties will receive a day change letter.

How many properties are affected by a day change?

Approximately 4% of street-level properties (c.3,500) in the borough will have their collection day changed, while approximately 11% of properties (c. 9,600) will see their scheduled weeks for their fortnightly general waste collections moved. 

My scheduled week for general waste collection is changing. Does this mean I will have to go three weeks without a general waste collection?

No. We will be putting on extra collections for properties whose schedules are changing, and no property will have more than a two-week gap before getting their general waste collected. Your food/garden waste and recycling will continue to be collected weekly. This will help regulate the service. After this time, your general refuse will be collected fortnightly.

Can I find my new collection information online?

Yes. You can find out your schedule by visiting the Veolia Haringey website (external link) and accessing the Collection Day Finder (external link). The Collection Day Finder will only be updated for your property from Monday 5th October onwards as it takes its information from the current live schedules, which will not change until that date.

We also have downloadable Service Guide & Calendars available (external link) for you to print out in case you have misplaced your paper copy. These Service Guides and Calendars inform you of your collection schedule for the year up until March 2021 and advise our residents what can – and cannot – be placed into each bin.  

Can I leave out waste for collection beside my bin?

The only excess items that should be left beside your bin are recyclable items, contained in a clear sack (or, if large cardboard, then flattened). Do not leave any black bags or food/garden/general waste outside of your bins. If your recycling bin, food waste bin or garden waste bin is contaminated with incorrect items, we cannot collect them. If you need a food waste caddy, a bulky waste collection or want to subscribe to the garden waste service, please contact the Veolia Contact Centre on: [email protected] or: 020 8885 7700. You can also sign up to the garden waste service online, including by Direct Debit, by visiting: https://wasteservicesportal.veolia.co.uk/HaringeyGardenWaste/. If you struggle to manage your waste, please ask us for advice at: [email protected] or: 020 8885 7700.

Will my collection crew be changing?

We are trying to keep crews together and on their same routes as much as possible. However, it is likely that up to 20% of their usual routes will be changing for most crews.


Bank Holiday Collection Changes

From August 2020 onwards there will no longer be any waste or recycling collections to households or flats on Bank Holiday Mondays or Fridays. Your collection will take place one day later than usual. If the Bank Holiday falls on a Monday, then collections for the whole week will take place between Tuesday and Saturday. If the Bank Holiday falls on a Friday then only Friday collections will be affected and these will take place on the Saturday.


Flats Above Shops 

Flats Above Shops are no longer being supplied with pink refuse sacks or green recycling sacks to place their recycling and waste into.  If you are a resident in a flat above a shop you must now visit your local library to collect a roll of green recycling sacks.  The pink refuse sacks are no longer being supplied - please put out your general waste in black bags. Please could all residents in Flats Above Shops still ensure their waste is only placed in their designated collection point on the day of collection and the put-out time stated in the leaflet that all Flats Above Shops have received.

Please click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about the changes to the Flats Above Shops service


Bulky Items

There is a charge for all bulky waste collections of £20 for up to 4 items, then £10 for additional items, up to a maximum of 10 items per collection. Further information and FAQs can be found on the Recycling Collection page. 


Replacement Bins

If you need a new bin there will be a £33 charge to replace it.  You will get your own bin and we encourage you to put your house name/number on it.

You can order your bin through the Veolia Haringey Contact Centre:
Tel: 020 8885 7700
Email: [email protected]

Or you can complete the web form via this link (please select General Enquiry in the drop down menu).



Frequently Asked Questions about replacing your general waste or recycling bin