Excluded Waste

Excluded waste

The Customer agrees not to deposit in any Equipment and/or place for collection by Haringey any Excluded Waste and shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that no other person or persons deposits in the Equipment or places in the vicinity of the Equipment any Excluded Waste.

List of excluded waste: 

  • Builders waste 
  • Liquid waste 
  • Non-burnable construction material 
  • Demolition debris; especially plasterboard or gyproc board
  • Gas cylinders 
  • Beer kegs or any other pressure cylinders 
  • Petrol
  • Oils 
  • Greases 
  • Solvents or paints 
  • Animal or human remains or waste 
  • Acid or caustic substances
  • Clinical, pathological, and biological wastes 
  • Asbestos substances
  • Tree trunks 
  • Sulphur containing materials
  • Machinery other than small household items 
  • Drugs or poisons
  • Motor vehicle batteries
  • Motorcycles, motor engines, transmissions, rear ends, springs, fenders or major parts of motor vehicles, trailers, agricultural equipment, marine vessels or similar items, farm, and other large machinery 
  • Items weighing more than 7kg each
  • Items larger than 0.9m; Items larger than 0.9m x 0.15m x 0.15;
  • Domestic ‘white goods’ e.g. fridges, freezers and washing machines etc
  • All waste, which is not mentioned above and which is not acceptable waste