Veolia Haringey’s Sustainability Fund is back!

With £5,000 available, you could make a lasting impact on your local community and environment

Veolia, the benchmark company for ecological transformation, is launching this year's Sustainability Fund in partnership with Haringey Council to help support people across Haringey to transform their local environments and communities.

In 2022, the Sustainability Fund in Haringey supported four grassroots projects with funding. This year however, Veolia and Haringey Council are looking to back even more projects that make a positive, sustainable difference to a local area and to deliver long-term social and environmental benefits. 

With funding as well as in-kind resources and volunteers available, Veolia aims to empower people to take positive action in their local area and deliver ecological transformation. Projects are encouraged to apply at

There are many inspiring projects to choose from across the country and in Haringey alone, Veolia pledged four grants to different community groups - most of which were part of the local Go Green event. Go Green took place during a nationwide celebration of action on climate change, the Great Big Green Week 2022.

The financial donations were mainly used to fund sessions and workshops that took place at various venues during this event (including the Cafe on Broadwater Farm and the Northumberland Park Resource Centre on Park Lane) but also to support a local community group in Highgate which organises gardening and litter-picking events for residents.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter @VeoliaUK to discover projects that may inspire you or that you can get involved with in your local community. All applications will be considered, but projects should aim to fulfil at least one of the following criteria; enhancing biodiversity, promoting sustainable behaviours (reduce, reuse and/or recycle), protecting or preserving resources and the environment and using recycled, reused or reclaimed materials.

Veolia’s Sustainability Fund is open to not-for-profit organisations, community groups or individuals in Haringey. Applications can be made via Veolia’s website or via Spacehive, Veolia’s crowdfunding partner until Friday 29 September.


Paul Peters, Senior Contract Manager, Veolia Haringey said:

“It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to watch these transformative projects come to fruition. Not only does this initiative promote sustainable behaviours in residents and positively impacts our environment but it also enriches the lives of many people involved in their community. We are thrilled that we’re funding these projects.”

Sian Dorman, who ran an upcycled Arts & Crafts workshop at the event, said:

"For many people in my local community, having to find the funds to pay for upskilling yourself through short courses and workshops is extremely difficult. Most people struggling have to prioritise essentials and sacrifice their need to keep learning and challenging themselves skillswise.

“Having my Veolia Sustainability Fund Grant be successful has opened up the opportunity for me to be able to teach my skills for free to my community at our yearly Haringey Go Green Festival for Great Big Green Week 2022.

Sonja Scantlebury, Organiser for Go Green, Haringey, said:

"We're really pleased to be able to continue our working relationship with Veolia Haringey, who have been extremely supportive of the Go Green Eco Festival from its inception."


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